60min video call session  $180

Book Session – In person/ phone or video call (incl MP3 audio recording & charts)

Astrology is based on your unique natal birth chart and the interpretation of planets and symbols within a twelve house system.  Your natal chart is the record of your soul at birth and is the map to your Authentic Self.  Evolutionary astrology is a spiritual and psychological tool that enables you to discover and explore deeper aspects of yourself within the context of the spiral of life & cyclic rhythms.

These sessions are perfect for guidance into current planetary alignments, explained in a practical down to earth way and are offered throughout our global village.

What you receive:

  • Interactive video chat 60min session with Mikailah / or in-person session
  • MP3 digital recording & charts. The recording is a potent tool to listen too over the future months & even years to keep you in sacred alignment with your purpose and intention.

Within the chart we may intuitively explore:

  • Expression of the Authentic Self through Responsibility and Freedom
  • Personas and Masks
  • Creative Prosperity and Personal Values
  • Communication and Mental Processes
  • Family of Origin and Emotional Conditioning
  • Creative Self Expression of Joy and Love
  • Everyday Rhythm and Celebration
  • Being with Self and Others in Relationship
  • Sexual and Emotional Expression
  • Vocation and Career
  • Dreams and Inspirations
  • Soul Purpose and Life Direction


If you are interested in booking an astrology session in person or by video chat please contact Mikailah.

The potency of these sessions calls for self-care afterwards to assist with the integration of what has shifted in the psyche during this process.

  • Live water and nourishing food
  • Self-love & gentle rest
  • Engaging in the creative arts (journaling, drawing, painting, dancing, drumming)



I was surprised at how much I was able to follow Mikailah’s interpretation of my natal astrology chart.  This is due to her ability to meet me where I am and deliver the information with language that I understand.  The session is recorded and having it to refer to later has been one of the most profound parts of the experience.  Everything that was discussed makes even more sense now.  What was shared helped to unlock my gifts and since the session, having been made aware of my strengths and challenges, I have been walking more in alignment with my true calling and can see my patterns playing out a lot more easily than before.  I can feel the depth of life’s magic and it’s potency.  Thank you for all that you gift the world Mikailah.” Jules Hayes ~ songtress and musician

Consultations are for guidance only.  Please keep in mind you are ultimately responsible for the choices and decisions you make in regards to your consultation and personal situation.  You are the Director of your own Free Will.

Consultations should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical and/or legal professional.

Member of HTA Australia (Qualified Transpersonal Counsellor)

Member of FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers)