Consecrated feathers dance with the fragrant smoke, as Mikailah invites Spirit into the ceremony by using sacred techniques and star-seed chants.


Mikailah sings an Ancient Mother tongue, and this sonic prayer assists in releasing any blockages within a person’s luminous energy field (LEF).  These energies with bring balance to offer an expansion of clarity and blessings to the person receiving.

Listening to inner guidance & divination, ‘spirit messages’ may include:

  • Past-life visions
  • Ancestral connections
  • Plant & devic consciousness
  • Power animals
  • Divine child healing
  • Soul blueprint & clairvoyant insights


Mikailah honours her ancestral lineage as part of her Medicine Way.

If you are interested in booking a session please contact Mikailah or you may wish to combine this with an astrology session as both are beautifully complimentary.