Brisbane – Saturday 17th February 2018 

Mullumbimby – Saturday 24th March 2018

Melbourne – tbc 2018

A ceremonial healing space will be created to call in the Ancient Wisdom Ones and Star Keepers ~ to connect with the beauty of our consciousness through the Earth, the Sun and the Stars.

Black Moon Lilith (BML) is a potent astrological vortex that encodes our essence with the evolutionary Earth Song of our times. For some she is a familiar energy, for others she is a wild, ancient spirit waiting to be rediscovered. She speaks in terms of freedom and movement – liberation from the past. This interwoven metamorphosis reawakens our magnificent, soul potential.

In this space there is the opportunity to discover a new healing map of freedom and creative purposeful existence to release ‘old’ archetypal stories,psychological paradigms and emotional wounds, both personally and collectively, around shame, betrayal, abandonment, oppression, being silenced and hidden. Like the scarab beetle we are undergoing an intense spiritual rebirth of the Sacred Feminine.

Black Moon Lilith is a powerful emissary and we can feel her in the fecundity of the earth, in the sensuality of moving our bodies, dancing with the gypsy soul, knowing there is a creative, safe place for us in the world. Nature is her ‘calling card’ and sometimes we can only hear her when we sit in silence. Listen to her as she gets beneath your skin. Listen to her whenever you can. Listen to her on the night winds as she whispers secrets to you beneath the trees. Listen to her and she will show you the ‘seen and the unseen’.

She is the wild one, the free one who returns from the desert to dance naked in the flames. She calls us by our names and reminds us that it is time to come home to the New Dawn awakening with the progressive collective shift.

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The day will include:

* Experiential astrology (no prior knowledge required)
* Shamanic drum journey
* Sonic prayers & meditation
* Star teachings
* Personal exploration.

Time: 10am start – 4.30pm finish

Please bring: water & lunch for self, any devotional crystals and flowers for prayer rug.

This day is open for all beauties to attend however bookings are essential to confirm your place.

Investment: $200 full price waged  / $160 unwaged
Deposit: $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your place

Bank deposit / cash / paypal and some crypto-currencies accepted. Please call me to discuss your preferred method of payment.

** Payment plans & other options are available to make it easier for you to attend.**

Please contact Mikailah directly if you require more details or you wish to confirm your place – 0415131125