Through remembering the greatness stirring within and the fusion of different modalities astrologyenergy balancing & ceremonial smudging this unique 90 minute signature package is a divine union to return home to all the different aspects of Self and a sacred realignment to walk the Beauty Way.

Elven Profile

Mikailah is an evolutionary astrologer & creative agent, who embodies ancient practices in a practical, contemporary form.  She has been teaching and sharing these ancient earth keeping skills for fifteen years professionally and has been through potent initiations to support her with this knowledge.

She offers evoutionary astrology & shamanic energy sessions that work with the body, plants and stars to realign and re-pattern your luminous energy field.  She is a woman who dances the path of beauty, calling souls back into their bodies, into their hearts and into the space from which they came and from which they crave to return home.

Evolutionary astrology is a spiritual and psychological tool that enables you to discover and explore deeper aspects of yourself.  The signature package begins with connection & exploration of  your natal chart.  This star map is the record of your soul at birth and tracking to your Authentic Self, soul purpose and life directions.   This interactive engagement is available afterwards for you in digital MP3 format and is a valuable resource for you to listen to for astrological guidance over the following months or years.


In the second part of signature package, Mikailah gently rattles, drums and sings the Ancient Mother over you to remind you of your beauty and your place in the world.  She places specially chosen plants, flowers and crystals on you so that you are re-connected to the spirits of Nature.  Ancient star glyphs (star codes) are also placed around you to anchor your soul purpose here on Earth.


Mikailah trusts an individual’s ability to connect with their own body intelligence to empower themselves.  These sessions remind us that we are one with Nature and Spirit.  A sacred space is provided for you to meet the essence of your power animal/s and your Wisdom Guides.  Spirit messages may also be shared, if appropriate.

Her work speaks to the artist, the creative, the entrepreneur, the wayseers of the world ~ visionaries and non-conformists.  Her work ignites a releasing and a remembering of the greatness stirring within and these unique sessions are tailored to your individual needs.

Practical benefits can be to assist with:

  • Finding peace, well-being and acceptance.
  • To walk your life with more authenticity and integrity.
  • To enliven the creative spark within you.
  • To be more present and grounded in your life.

The potency of these sacred realignment sessions call for self-care afterwards to assist with the integration of what has shifted in the psyche during this process.


  • Live water and nourishing food
  • Self-love & gentle rest
  • Engaging in the creative arts (journaling, drawing, painting, dancing, drumming)

If you are interested in booking a session or signature package & you would like more information, please contact Mikailah.