SHAMANIC ENERGY BALANCE ~ 45min session  $90

A divine union to return home to all the different aspects of Self and a sacred realignment to walk the Beauty Way ~ energy balance and ceremonial smudging.

There are times in life when we seem to have lost part of ourselves, our creative spark, life direction or we are questioning our reason for being here.  Sometimes we cannot even name this feeling ~ the loss, the void that is inexplicably empty.

Mikailah is a transpersonal practitioner, who embodies ancient practices in a practical, contemporary form.  She offers energy balance sessions that work with the body, plant essences and stars to realign and re-pattern your luminous energy field.  She is a woman who dances the path of beauty, calling souls back into their bodies, into their hearts and into the space from which they came and from which they crave to return.


Mikailah trusts an individual’s ability to connect with their own body intelligence to empower themselves.  These sessions remind us that we are one with Nature and Spirit.  A sacred space is provided for you to meet the essence of your power animal/s and your Wisdom Guides.  Spirit messages may also be shared, if appropriate.


Her soul work speaks to the artist, the creative, the free-spirited entrepreneur, the wayseers of the world ~ visionaries and non-conformists.  It ignites a releasing and a remembering of the greatness stirring within and these unique sessions crafted by Mikailah are tailored to your individual needs.

Practical benefits can be to assist with:

  • Finding peace, well-being and acceptance.
  • To walk your life with more authenticity and integrity.
  • To enliven the creative spark within you.
  • To be more present and grounded in your life.

The potency of these sacred realignment sessions calls for self-care afterwards to assist with the integration of what has shifted in the psyche during this process.


  • Live water and nourishing food
  • Self-love & gentle rest
  • Engaging in the creative arts (journaling, drawing, painting, dancing, drumming)

If you are interested in booking a session/s or would like more information, please contact Mikailah.


“Such a powerful ‘energy shifting’ healing. Mikailah shares clarity through your astrology chart with her intuitive inner knowing. Her shamanic healing creates a very sacred space for energy shifts ~ leaving you feeling awakened. As a healer, I understand the importance of this sacred work and Mikailah is a very gifted healer offering me much insight to my personal journey.”

Robyn – Spiritual Counsellor 2017


Consultations are for guidance only.  Please keep in mind you are ultimately responsible for the choices and decisions you make in regards to your consultation and personal situation.  You are the Director of your own Free Will.

Consultations should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical and/or mental health care / legal professional.