“I have known Mikailah professionally for many years and she was a co-faciliator with me at a number of 3-day women’s retreats that I ran through 2010-12.  These retreats were based on astrology and all were focused on Feminine themes.

The only reason we stopped working together in that way was that I moved to New Zealand at the end of 2012 and have only recently returned to Brisbane..

Mikailah was a joy to work with and in addition to supporting me, she facilitated a number of her own sessions at each retreat. The women loved her and she held the space with love, authority, humour, fun and a depth of wisdom born of her own innate knowing and a depth of professional, spiritual and life experience.

She has great awareness of the body and body energies and through guided meditation, dance and movement, stunning story-telling, shamanic drumming and sound healing with her glorious crystal bowls, took us all through journeys of deep healing and expanded consciousness.

Mikailah is a passionate, dedicated and skilled healer and facilitator and what I know about her is that she ‘walks her talk’ and lives what she shares with others.

She has many strings in her bow – astrology, moon cycles, work with women, the language of symbols, soul-retrieval work, meditation, dance therapy and somatic body awareness.

I’m thrilled to see her continuing with her development as a healer-teacher-facilitator and have no hesitation in recommending her to clients. She is the kind of woman you can trust.


Best regards, Babula Clement

Professional Astrologer and Teacher – November 2015



“Since my adolescence I believed I had some treasure to live to share and contribute. Whilst confused about what my gifts were. Not seeming to fit a mould or path already created. Finding my own way deepening into my path and trusting my inner guidance has been my journey.
In a world of trained rights and wrongs dos and dont’s conditions to adhere to and follow, finding the confidence to blaze my own way has taken its time.
Mikailah is a subtle weaver of magic, with the magnitude of these gifts the big picture changes and we find ourselves in a new reality. She holds an earthy space for the mind to be opened to the truth. She addresses the need for truth and clarity when delivering the vision of personal ethical service, with heart!
Through journeying with Mikailah I have been nurtured gently encouraged boldly and been supported deeply. This support has not come just from this thoroughly educated and experienced amazing woman but from a well of wisdom, cosmic connection that is otherworldly.
She has interacted with my soul. Whispered me home, anchored me in my truth. Sessions with her have connected me to my innate wisdom, the wisdom and perfection of the earth-nature the nurture within me and with out me.
I have come away confidently connected, I now feel I have a profound powerful team of support beyond my wildest dreams.
I’m Illuminated, activated and blissfully reconnected with my mission, my own medicine and the medicine I have now to share with the world.” Marissa Donaldson ~ Alimental Energies



‘It is with great pleasure I give I shout out to this incredible woman.  Mikailah is an incredibly gifted astrologer.  She records divine feminine shamanic readings on your birth chart so you can have your reading forever!  Tomorrow is my birthday and as I’m heading into a new year cycle I will be listening to mine again for the 6th time over the last 3 years.  Every time I get a new clue and message about my life and the beauty I can choose to create with!  Could not recommend this more.  All of us are born at a particular time in space, which is the art and science of astrology. The energies of that time can give us clues and hints to our purpose and lessons. Such a soul enriching journey! Much love to you dear Mikailah!’  Amanda Fisher ~ Bachhara 2014


‘I recently had my astrological transits session with Mikailah and found it, as always, clarifying, empowering and very insightful.  I make sure I have this session on a yearly basis; it is a part of my sacred practice.  I find that it is an excellent resource that I return to again and again throughout the year, as it allows me to have a sense of the ‘bigger picture’ and of the particular energies that will be presenting themselves.  I highly recommend a Star Guidance session with Mikailah… they are such a beautiful and valuable experience!’  A.,  2012.


‘…I have just had a big change in my knee stuff and ran… yes ran… to the book where I wrote down all you spoke during our session, and you were spot on!..  I want to send you all my love and gratitude for giving me hope when I felt completely hopeless.  The Goddess speaks through you. I look forward to my continuing recovery, and to seeing you in person one day to give you a big hug and love.’  Talulah ~ School of Shamanic Womancraft  2012


‘I recently had a Shamanic Astrology consultation with Mikailah.  It was at a time when I was entering a severe illness.  I had no idea what was really wrong. It was uncanny with what accuracy Mikailah spoke, it was as if she had known me for many years.  She offered guidance and advice about how to approach the illness from a spiritual level and also some great practical advice to put in place to help me journey through.  After seeing Mikailah I came to realise that the most important thing about the illness was to understand the purpose behind it, and just to STOP for once.

I’d been concerned about how I would cope financially but I was so relieved to know that this was a really big part of my journey and that the main thing was not to panic but to trust.  It really changed the way I managed myself during my time of illness.  Now on the other side, I have confirmation of my life’s purpose and can journey forward in confidence.

I’m really grateful to Mikailah for being able to explain in a way I could understand, the significance of my astrology around these events and how they were impacting on my life.  It helped me to trust and not panic during a very difficult time.  Sitting with Mikailah really is sitting in the presence of Goddess.’

Mina Hunt, Director ~ Go Girl Enterprises Pty Ltd  2008