TRANSPERSONAL COUNSELLING – $90 per session (in-person only)

Transpersonal counselling integrates spiritual and psychological growth through different spectrums of the consciousness, whilst incorporating a wide range of traditional counselling techniques that are specifically suited to the individual.


Sessions are person-centered and held in a creative and compassionate environment. An intention is set to explore the meaning of personal life experiences and choices, regarding self-awareness, individual potential and aspirations. To ultimately take responsibility of Self to become a more fulfilled and authentic person.

Transpersonal sessions can be beneficial to:

  • Help alleviate daily stresses
  • Calm mental focus and attention
  • Deal with loss and separation
  • Search for a deeper life purpose / direction
  • Cultivate well-being in the heart and spirit
  • Inspire the creative spark and calling
  • Support during spiritual emergency / emergence


Transpersonal counselling also offer the contemplative and creative arts for personal development and consciousness exploration.

  • Symbolic work: dream appreciation, guided imagery, active imagination
  • Uncovering techniques: focusing, shadow work, creative journalling
  • Interpersonal strategies: conflict resolution, collaborative problem-solving
  • States of consciousness: meditation, relaxation, body mapping
  • Transpersonal tools and resources: guidance, myths, symbols, stories, ritual, shamanic drum journeys

All transpersonal sessions can be tailor-made to the individual’s needs and time.  This will be reflected in the price of consultation (in-person or by skype).

Mikailah is a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor ~ Associated Member of ATA.

For further information or to book a transpersonal counselling session please contact Mikailah tel 0415131125