This sacred space is for the artist, the creative one, the free-spirited entrepreneur,

The Wayseers of the World ~ the Visionaries & Non-Conformists.

Henna hands

Through remembering the greatness stirring within and the fusion of different modalities.




These unique transpersonal sessions have been created by Mikailah and are tailored to your individual needs.

A sacred realignment to walk the Beauty Way.

Practical benefits can be to assist with:

  • Finding peace, well-being and acceptance.
  • To walk your life with more authenticity and integrity.
  • To enliven the creative spark within you.
  • To be more present and grounded in your life with clarity and focus.
  • Soul purpose and life direction.

“Finally a woman who speaks her truth from the depths of her soul, gently guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and memory. We all have the capacity within us to know our truth, but sometimes we need someone like Mikailah who offers the most sacred space to allow us to remember and reclaim it for ourselves in our own time and our own way” Jane