Mikailah is a star witch & earth poet who embodies ancient practices in a contemporary form.  She has been teaching earth keeping skills for twenty years and has been through potent, unorthodox initiations to support her with this knowledge as a wisdom-keeper.

Born in Australia, she spent her childhood living in Aotearoa (New Zealand) surrounded by snow-capped mountains and walking old indigenous tracks to the sea.  Her soul called her to travel and she explored her gypsy roots around the world.

From these lived experiences and professional training she created her unique signature sessions – an eclectic fusion of astrology combined with earth magick.  She offers these 1:1 sessions either in-person or by video call for our global village.

Mikailah’s transpersonal work speaks to the creative, the free-spirited entrepreneur, the visionary and non-conformist.  She feels deeply called for our ravenous, passionate souls to hold the beauty and forge a sustainable pathway for the New Earth. A world where we belong, where we are cherished, loved and supported for our soul art and Being.

In her ceremonial collective work ~ Singing Crow Astrology, Mikailah creates a place of joy & beauty to support people in remembering their natural connection to Mother Earth and their own creative healing.  Helping others to inspire themselves to be all that they can be.  


There are many paths & ways of Being.


  • Retreat Co-Facilitator ~ Experiential Astrology Retreats with Babula  (2010-2012)
  • Creator ~ Earth Magick Mentorship program & Star Tribe Circles  (2017- current)

“Over the west side of the mountain, that’s lyrebird country.”

From Judith Wright’s poem ‘Lyrebird’

Mikailah acknowledges with gratitude, the ‘Original Sovereigns’, the First People of beautiful Wangerriburra Country, where her family lives on a sacred mountain learning Proper Way and walking her medicine path.  

She pays her respects to the Elders, both past and present, for they hold the memories, traditions and culture of Indigenous Australia.

For more information please contact Mikailah by email or mobile 0415131125