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Mikailah offers her own unique style of ‘Feminine Essence Astrology’ CD readings. She works intutively with your prominent Goddess Asteroids and the journey of Lilith & Her Black Moon throughout your basic natal chart. Also included is your Lunar Fertility phase.

Full Moon Magick

Dive deep to find your strength as we experience potent initiations and rites of passages.  The Full Moon in Gemini was exact Monday 4th December 1:48am AEST Queensland, Australia.  Gemini represents the realm of the mind. Allow your mind to be open to receive the flashes of inspiration from the creative source. Reflect on your communication skills and if they need improving? Delve into how your rational mind may keep you locked in and not allow you to discover the truth of your higher self. Do you flitter around not wanting to commit to the bigger picture? The restlessness of the Gemini air energy needs to be focused with breath work. Yoga is incredible for this. The twins always see two sides of a situation and need to have choices. Know that you are empowered by the options in your life. Create this for yourself! Continue reading